Sawsan Abdul-Majid, PhD, P.Eng, SMIEEE

Dr. Abdul-Majid has been a member of the academic community at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Engineering since 2008. She holds a PhD in Optical Communication Systems from Varna University, Bulgaria, and brings more than 25 years of academic (teaching & research) experience, as well as eight years of engineering industrial experience. She has more than 45 publications, related to silicon photonics, PIC, optical amplifiers, and optical systems.

Sawsan is the founder and president of Advancing New Canadian Women in Technology (ANCWT), a uOttawa-based employment bridging program for New Canadian Women.

Her goal is to help newcomer women (immigrants & refugees) who have gained their educations in engineering, IT, and computer science from abroad to find their dream jobs in Canada and settle within the Ottawa community.

Dr. Abdul-Majid (P.Eng), is licensed as a professional engineer by Professional Engineers of Ontario, and has received a Certificate of Recognition for five years of volunteer service to the engineering profession in Ottawa.

Dr. Abdul-Majid is the faculty advisor for the IEEE student chapter at the University of Ottawa

In July 2020, Dr. Abdul-Majid won a Shared On-line Projects Initiative (SOPI) award, a joint initiative between the University of Ottawa and Carleton University, where she developed new course module (research skills for engineers), that she now teaches to M.Eng. students (ELG/GNG 5301 professional development workshops).

In July 2021, Sawsan received another SOPI grant for ANCWT in collaboration with two Carleton University professors.

Sawsan is a woman who makes it happen, especially in science, technology and engineering, and is a true inspiration to women and girls everywhere.