Nada Kadhim’s Success Story

Nada has a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Systems and is currently pursuing her Master’s of Engineering Management at the University of Ottawa. She has 12 years’ experience as an IT Project Manager and Consultant. Before moving to Canada, she worked as a Special Projects Coordinator in the United Arab Emirates. She also served as a Project Coordinator at ANCWT.

She found out about the program through the Intake Assessment Announcement which was circulated through the University of Ottawa. She joined because she was unsuccessful in her job search and she was determined to land a job in her field.

When asked about her first impressions of the program, she says, “the program is very well-structured and provides customized sessions with a high calibre of the instructors. The selection process was very competitive in the sense that the candidates’ backgrounds, language level and ability to integrate into the Canadian marketplace were assessed prior to being accepted into the program. Also, the support that the program and the instructors provide the candidates in their job search is outstanding. I am very inspired by Dr. Sawsan Abdul-Majid for this great initiative.”

She found the sessions to be very engaging and relevant to her needs. She said, “I benefited from all the sessions. I can’t pick a favourite. The session topics were Resume Clinic & Life Coaching, Engineers Canada/PEO License/OSPE, Cultural  Diversity/Strategies to Cope in the Canadian Workplace and the Importance of Networking and Community Engagement. Where Each one provided me with some insight into something I was missing in my job search.”

Nada found, Chelsea Paradis, manager of employers relations for the University of Ottawa’s co-op department, to be brilliant. She listened to the candidates’ needs and aspirations and connected them with the employers they were dreaming of. Nada couldn’t believe it when employers from Kinaxis and Innovapost attended the employer panel. It was through the employer panel that she was able to connect with Innovapost and secure a full-time permanent position as IT Operations Specialist.