Teri Kingston

Certified World Class Speaking Coach and TEDx Speaker coach

Teri Kingston is a certified World Class Speaking Coach and TEDx Speaker coach. In 2008 she received her Distinguished Toastmaster accreditation, the highest designation in Toastmasters International and has won numerous contests at the District level in Toastmasters.

Through her business, Real Impact Speaking, she coaches speakers locally and internationally on how to amplify their message through the delivery of a TEDx talk that is focused around one idea worth spreading.

From TED to Keynotes, Teri understands how to help speakers discover, design and develop their best talks! She understands how to leverage the power of storytelling to drive key messaging home and make it memorable.

Public speaking was once considered a “soft skill”. That is no longer true. Persuasion, storytelling and presentation skills are now in high demand. Teri’s expertise in helping develop those skills, especially for women in STEM, is a core part of her coaching business.

Teri has a unique ability to help other people get their valuable perspectives and ideas out into the world in a way that will truly resonate with their audiences every time they step out on stage.