Prof. Nour El-Kadri

Canadian Arab Federation

Nour El-Kadri is a professor of Strategic Management, Innovation, Artificial Intelligence and E-Business Strategies at the University of Ottawa. He carries out courses and workshops for both the MBA and graduate E-Business degrees, and has held various administrative positions with the university including Vice President of the Union of Professors – APTPUO (2004-2006 and 2009. He is a researcher in Artificial Intelligence and Performance of Health Care Systems and Smart Cities.

Professor El-Kadri has also taken on many executive leadership positions in the industry, government and Academia including a visiting professor of Economic and Digital diplomacy at the Academy of Governance and Diplomacy of Loughborough University London in the UK. He is well-versed on Canadian and International politics, a member of the experts on call at the University of Ottawa and a regular commentator on radio, television and newspapers. He is a sought-after expert on leadership training and elections strategies for emerging democracies.

Nour is currently the president of the Canadian Arab Federation, an Umbrella organization representing Arab-Canadians all over Canada.